In November 2000 a handbook listing participating businesses was produced.  This handbook was distributed to Golden Citizens at launching ceremonies held countrywide in December 2000.  The Golden Citizens handbook has been expanded to include businesses and organizations that join the Program during the year, and is reprinted every November.  By October  2006, over 550 businesses had signed up to participate in the Golden Citizens Program, including airlines, drug stores, hotels, restaurants, medical providers, stores and supermarkets, and other businesses.

“Our Golden Citizens” Program
“Belize – Honouring Our Golden Citizens”


  • To give recognition to Belize’s Golden Citizens for their contribution to Belize’s development.
  • To negotiate discounts & special services for Belize’s senior (Golden) citizens.
  • To enable the mechanisms for accessing of the negotiated packages.
  • To publicize the Golden Citizens’ Program and to give recognition to participating businesses / institutions.


The Golden Citizens Program is guided by the theme:  “Belize - Honouring Our Golden Citizens”

Components of this program are:

  • Special financial benefits for Golden Citizens at participating businesses countrywide.
  • Preferential service for seniors, 65 years and over.
  • Provision of opportunities for the Golden Citizens to socialize.
  • A public awareness media campaign.
  • Other activities that various participating organizations would like to organize.


BELIZE’S GOLDEN CITIZENS - All people legally resident in Belize who are 65 years or older.  Gold Social Security Cards are issued to golden citizens.


I. Theme of the Program:

“Belize - Honouring our Golden Citizens”

II. Accessing Mechanism 1:  The Gold Card

A Gold Card is issued by Social Security as a form of identification for Golden Citizens.  The gold card will enable Golden Citizens to access the discounts and special services offered by participating businesses.

III. Accessing Mechanism 2:  Gold Decals

The design of the decals distinctly ties in the gold card to the program of benefits.  The Gold Decals are sent to participating businesses to display in their establishment (together with a listing of limitations – if any); this decal will indicate that a participating business offers them financial benefits, priority service or other benefits.  Benefits to be offered depend on what each business would like to and can afford to offer.

IV. Public Awareness program

Social Security does media advertising, as well as direct mailing to the public to increase awareness of the program.  Some of the advertising focuses on acknowledging the businesses that support the program.  A Golden Citizens Handbook, which is updated and reprinted annually, lists the Golden Citizens’ Benefit Package and all the businesses participating in the program, their slogans and/or logos, and a description of the way in which they are helping to make life better for our Golden Citizens.  Newspaper advertisements update the Golden Citizens about the new businesses joining the program.  Radio and Television advertisements create awareness about the program.  A poster is also printed, to highlight all participating businesses, up to the date that the poster is sent for printing.

Participating businesses are free to maximize publicity and public information about their organization’s involvement in the Golden Citizens Program.

You are also encouraged to organize additional good will activities for the Golden Citizens from time to time.

V. Social Security’s involvement in the Program

  • Obtaining discounts from businesses for the Golden Citizens.
  • Obtaining preferential treatment from businesses for the Golden Citizens.
  • Putting in place the mechanisms for accessing the above benefits (gold cards, gold decals & public information).
  • Ensuring the long-term running of the program, by renewing and expanding goodwill commitments to the Golden Citizens Program.
  • Social Security also offers a benefit package to Golden Citizens.

VI. Who Will Your Business Cater To?

Social Security Records show about 13, 000 registered persons that are over 65 years of age. 

The number of persons accessing negotiated benefits will vary from 0 to 13,000, because of geographical location, financial status and living conditions (some elderly people live as couples, some live in homes for the elderly, and some do not have their own household). 

The number of persons accessing negotiated benefits may vary from 0 to 13, 000.

  • Participating organizations, which do business countrywide, would be catering to a maximum of 13, 000 persons.
  • Small community businesses would basically cater to the population of Golden Citizens in their community.


The Golden Citizens Program officially began on January 1, 2001, with a group of about 45 pioneer organizations.  This program is one that challenges us to acknowledge that “they have done their part for us, now it’s time to do our part for them” in reference to our Golden Citizens.  It is a challenging and worthwhile program.

Organizations that participate are sure to reap the benefits of increasing customer satisfaction, getting positive recognition from their communities, getting positive publicity through the public information material being sent out by Social Security.  Participating in the Golden Citizens Program even has the potential to boost clientele at business establishments involved in the program.

The “Golden Citizens” Program is not an isolated effort by Social Security; its success hinges on the wholesome participation of businesses countrywide.  The Program is complementary to and an integral part of the overall reform that has been embarked upon by the Social Security Board.  The reform process aims at improving the lives of all Social Security beneficiaries and at contributing substantially to the community at large.

We invite you to make the difference between just getting by and having a Golden sunset… Lets work together for Belize’s Golden Citizens

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